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  • Article / 08 January 2018 at 8:00 GMT

    Morning Markets: Equities rally falters in Hong Kong

    Head of Editorial Content / Saxo Bank
    Morning Markets: Equities rally falters in Hong Kong
    There was a positive mood across much of Asia today, thanks to a robust performance on Wall Street Friday. Equities gained ground in Shanghai, Seoul, and Sydney with Australia's S&P/ASX200 nudging its way to its highest point in a decade. But Hong Kong spoiled the party after financial firms weighed on the benchmark Hang Seng index.
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  • 3y
    Corto Maltese Corto Maltese
    Hi Peter, Societe General took a big dive this morning; has this changed your view ?
  • 3y
    gpbaz gpbaz
    Dear Clemens, at Florian in Venice you can pay around 10 euros for a cup of coffee, so maybe it isn't the right example to describe the...
    Clemens Bomsdorf Clemens Bomsdorf
    Ciao, you are right of course that Florian is exceptional, it is also therefore I chose it for the picture. When it comes to prices I refer...