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  • 1y
    goldfinger goldfinger
    I wouldn't believe all you see in the polls. Everybody I speak to is for leaving Admittedly I live in a red neck part of the UK....
  • Editor’s Picks / 26 October 2015 at 0:57 GMT

    Making sense of the Dell-EMC mega-merger

    Digital News Asia
    Two years after fighting tooth and nail to wrest back control of the eponymous company he founded three decades ago in his dorm room at the University of Texas, the 50-year-old self-made IT magnate Michael Dell made huge headlines recently with an aggressive move to buy storage giant EMC Corp. The cash-and-stock merger and acquisition (M&A) deal announced on October 12 is worth a whopping $67 billion and is believed to be the largest ever in the history of the tech sector, and the third largest in all sectors. The M&A not only includes control of EMC but several other smaller companies, including its crown jewel, virtualisation and cloud player VMware. Essentially, Dell’s buyout of EMC involves two major parts. The deal, subject to regulatory approval, means that Dell gets EMC and all its subsidiaries while EMC will be delisted from Nasdaq. EMC holders get a market for shares they couldn’t previously touch – although they will not exactly own them either, as explained by Bloomberg.
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  • Editor’s Picks / 12 October 2015 at 12:15 GMT

    Dell agrees $67bn acquisition of EMC

    Financial Times
    Dell has agreed the biggest deal in tech history, after the privately-run PC maker struck a deal to acquire data storage maker EMC for $67bn, James Fontanella-Khan and Richard Waters report. EMC has accepted an offer worth $33.15 per share that includes $24.05 in cash, with the rest in securities tied to the value of VMware, the data centre software maker that EMC controls. If completed, the deal will be the second large buyout by Mr Dell, one of the pioneers of the PC industry, in barely two years.
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  • 2y
    Neal Palmquist Neal Palmquist
    If infinite divisibility is the hallmark property of Bitcoin, then what was the thinking behind the decision to create tens of millions of Bitcoins when you only...
    Adam Courtenay Adam Courtenay
    Wow! This is getting very interesting. i'll be watching the future of this 'nothing' currency with interest...
    Neal Palmquist Neal Palmquist
    Worked for Sienfeld
  • Trade view / 09 October 2013 at 7:24 GMT

    Hewlett Packard's set for a bounce

    Trader /
    United States
    Computer maker Hewlett Packard has been largely out of favour with investors and traders alike over the past couple of months. However, Tuesday's bounce off lows coupled with today's scheduled analyst meeting provide grounds for a rally.
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    John Dory John Dory
    Ok thanks Serge
    alpha yankee alpha yankee
    my favorites since 3 years for retirement fund are; colgate-palmolive, visa, mastercard, amazon, asml holding nv na amsterdam except small-sized firms as celldex, VIPS, insys, himax, aegerion,...
    alpha yankee alpha yankee
    buying and selling everyday is a hunger game for individuals, 100% a losing game, traders are all preys of market makers, it is like hunting among dinasoaurs,...
  • Trade view / 14 August 2013 at 8:35 GMT

    Hewlett Packard still going strong

    Trader /
    United States
    Hewlett-Packard Company has seen a strong up-trend since November 2012. Despite the big rally the stock continues to perform well and recently hit a key near-term resistance level, which if broken could quickly lift it a few percent more.
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  • Squawk / 19 April 2013 at 7:09 GMT
    Head of Equity Strategy / Saxo Bank
    Blackstone is said to be pulling away from the Dell bid. Have they finally seen the light? That the PC industry will never be the same again due to tablets; AMD supported that view in their earnings call yesterday. Doing a turnaround on Dell is like trying to keep a raft together doing a storm on open water - it can be done but it is really hard, and the benefits are low. I believe it is wise for Blackstone to pull away. Only bet on a restructuring of a company if its products are expected to mean revert. In the case of PCs, mean reversion may never come.
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  • 4y
    Johan Berntorp Johan Berntorp
    If I ask myself the question; would I rather be in a trading environment where no one but me is using Technical analysis, I'd say yes. Technical...
    Andrei Cosmin Andrei Cosmin
    Sure, it's a view of the phenomenon, it's always useful to confront these ideas because a better understanding of the market may emerge. I'm like North Korea,...