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  • Squawk / Thursday at 9:08 GMT
    Senior Analyst /
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    Should I Ditch My Trading Method? – Part 2

    1. Your method needs to respect the dominant bias. Many veterans of the markets who have developed numerous trading strategies agree that they prefer to pick trades in the direction of the trend.

    2. Honestly, it would also be helpful if the method can detect when the dominant bias would be coming to an end or when it would no longer be logical to follow it. This is the real secret behind consistency.

    3. Define your entry points which stack the odds in your favor. For example, it is better to buy a pullback in the context of an uptrend or sell a rally in the context of a downtrend. This allows you to set optimal stops and targets. Buying a rally in the context of an uptrend may cause you to get stopped out before the price has the chance of moving in your favor.

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  • Squawk / 13 November 2014 at 1:26 GMT
    United States
    I am currently holding contract options in $AAPL, $BHP, $CP, $CSCO, $CVX, $GS, $IBM, and $MAT.
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