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    Georgio Stoev Georgio Stoev
    Hey Melvin, thx for your comments. Indeed, it's 5% and .6%. Will correct.
    Martin O'Rourke Martin O'Rourke
    Melvin Clough, there is a vacancy on the team any time you want it. Nice spot. Fixed now!
    Melvin clough Melvin clough
    Thanks for the kind offer Martin, but I've already "served my time" in banking! ... though in a way I'm still "in", we help Italian traders (including...
  • Article / 29 July 2016 at 8:25 GMT

    From the Floor: Too big in Japan?

    From the Floor: Too big in Japan?
    Expectations were high and the Bank of Japan did not delive. Leaving interest rates stable and refraining from increasing the monetary base disappointed markets, sending the yen higher. “We are seeing the Bank of Japan at its limits,” comments Saxo FX strategy head John J Hardy.
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  • Video / 30 May 2016 at 6:36 GMT

    Looking for Chevron upside: Berger

    Serge Berger
    Serge Berger of is looking to buy Chevron. Berger says that the stock continues to ascend off of its February lows.

    Serge Berger is buying at $102.40 or higher and has a target of $108.00. His stop is at $98.50.
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  • Editor’s Picks / 09 March 2016 at 21:55 GMT

    Hopes for an Asian spot market as Gorgon ships its first LNG

    The Jakarta Globe
    Chevron has started up its massive Gorgon LNG project in Australia and will soon be shipping more of the fuel into an oversupplied market, eroding producer revenues but also likely hastening the advent of a liquid Asian spot market. The $54bn project, symbolic of the era when high prices funded mega-projects, has started production and may be the last piece required to establish a truly global natural gas market. While producers may struggle to profit from such projects at current low prices, a supply glut is seen as necessary to creating the liquid spot market that Asia still lacks, despite being home to 70% of global LNG consumption.
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  • Article / 03 November 2015 at 15:15 GMT

    Pause before the panic

    FX Trade Strategist /
    Pause before the panic
    The US dollar is higher across the board despite a lack of actionable data, with traders awaiting ECB president Mario Draghi's speech later today and Fed chief Janet Yellen's speech tomorrow. Markets are also waiting for US jobs data due on Friday for new clues to what the Fed will do next month.
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  • Article / 23 October 2015 at 10:10 GMT

    Earnings Watch: China should support Apple growth

    Head of Equity Strategy / Saxo Bank
    Apple reports FY15 Q4 earnings on Tuesday. Investors will be focusing a lot on China due to the ongoing uncertainty of China's economy but also the country's importance for Apple which accounted for 27% of revenue in the previous quarter. Nothing suggests that demand is slowing down and we maintain our bullish view on the stock. In addition 367 companies will report earnings.
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