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  • Article / 16 January 2015 at 1:38 GMT

    Two Chinese electric vehicle firms to watch in 2015

    China Watcher / Shanghai
    Government policies that restrict licence plates in order to reduce traffic and pollution in major Chinese cities will likely see car purchases fall. Electric vehicles are mostly exempt from these restrictions, and I expect 2015 will see strong growth in the industry. This report analyses two firms – Leshi and Kandi – that are making interesting moves in the industry, which could act as blueprints for other firms.
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    forbes80 forbes80
    This comment has been redacted
    Arthur Porcari Arthur Porcari
    Good to see an English speaking, China Based Analyst starting to pay attention to KNDI. I assume you are aware that 11,307 Kandi branded pure EV's were...
    Dawn Dawn
    What is your take on Geely now ?