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  • Squawk / 08 August 2017 at 8:37 GMT
    Technical Analyst / PIA-First
    United Kingdom
    Tobacco stocks continue to look weak in the current market. British American Tobacco (BATS:xlon) recently completed a head and shoulders top pattern and has successfully retested the new resistance level.

    The shares now look ready to roll over again to the downside and target the measured move of the formation at 4668p. The shares have already visited this level following the sharp move lower last week.

    I expect to see the shares revisit this level and for an extension of the move to the downside towards 4360p.

    Imperial Tobacco appears equally as weak but my preferred play is BATS for now.

    Sell at market (5006p)
    Stop loss at 5200p
    Target 1: 4670p
    Target 2: 4360p
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  • Squawk / 13 July 2017 at 7:16 GMT
    Technical Analyst / PIA-First
    United Kingdom
    British American Tobacco (BATS:xlon) bounced from key support yesterday, finishing the session with a bullish candle on the daily chart.

    The long term uptrend remains in good shape and I believe that the recent corrective phase from the highs at 5643p has now come to an end.

    There are a number of other stocks in long term uptrends listed on the FTSE 100 that are in a similar position.

    BATS scores well on my fundamental model with particularly good scores on profitability and momentum metrics.

    I am a buyer today at market (5274p)
    Stop loss at 5050p
    Target 5600p
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  • 3y
    Denisv Denisv
    Hello Peter! What you think about short Fresnillo, now it has P/E >200 it looks not very good
  • Squawk / 22 October 2014 at 8:36 GMT
    Biggest movers in Europe today:

    Societe BIC is the biggest mover in Europe this morning, down 8.3%. The company reported disappointing earnings earlier today with EPS down 3.4% y/y. Net sales were up 5.6% to €497 million in Q3 and BIC confirmed its 2014 guidance.

    Other movers today include British American Tobacco and Nordea Bank.
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  • Video / 11 August 2014 at 11:02 GMT

    Norway's USD 870 Billion oil fund shows who's boss

    Alex Forrest Whiting
    Norway's oil fund must be making company boards feel just a little bit more nervous. From next year the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund is planning to publish how it will vote at annual meetings. It says the move will increase transparency and strengthen the vote execution chain. Excessive fat cat pay packets are already in its sights. It comes as Norway reports July CPI at +0.6 percent - much better than economists predicted.
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