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  • Editor’s Picks / Yesterday at 3:24 GMT

    Foxconn leads fight to save Chinese tax breaks

    The Wall Street Journal
    Foxconn and other foreign businesses in China are fighting to save tax breaks and other benefits promised by Chinese cities and provinces, as Beijing ramps up a campaign against big spending by local governments, write Gillian Wong and Lorraine Luk for The Wall Street Journal. The crackdown could reduce the attractiveness of foreign investment in China. Foxconn has been negotiating to preserve roughly five billion yuan ($804.6 million) in promised subsidies in the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou, where it makes Apple’s iPhone 6.
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  • Squawk / Tuesday at 15:01 GMT
    AAPL bounced off SMA20 and forms a "bull flag" pattern. MACD is turning more bullish. If this holds today, higher low and a break above 129.25 for higher high.
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    JesperB JesperB
    was in at 126.75 on friday
    pairstrader1 pairstrader1
    pairstrader1 pairstrader1
    Closed below SMA20.. No trend.

    Last 10min og trading my graphs in AAPL on Saxotrader stopped updating. Server down again?
  • 2d
    ccwatchmaker ccwatchmaker
    Reading this: "Google's David Singleton, Director of Engineering for Android Wear, made clear that this new product will very much be based on the craftsmanship Tag Heuer...
    Clemens Bomsdorf Clemens Bomsdorf
    It's of course entirely up to you to judge what cheap means for you, but Tag Heuer's Carrera 43mm is priced at roughly 5000 USD and in...
    ccwatchmaker ccwatchmaker
    This comment has been redacted
  • Article / Tuesday at 7:41 GMT

    Saxo Trade Navigator: Tuesday, March 24

    Head of Macro Strategy / Saxo Bank
    Saxo Trade Navigator: Tuesday, March 24
    March 24, 2015: The Saxo Trade Navigator provides you with daily technical insight into a wide array of major instruments, ranging from FX to equities, commodities and bonds. With a host of various technical indicators such as pivot points, RSI and moving averages, the Saxo Trade Navigator can be used to spot daily trade ideas.
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  • Editor’s Picks / 20 March 2015 at 2:02 GMT

    Watch out, Apple, for smart Intel Tag Heuer timepiece

    Australian Financial Review
    Watchmaker Tag Heuer will launch a smartwatch later this year using Google's Android operating system in a venture with Intel to compete head-on with the Apple Watch. Tag Heuer plans to launch the first Android luxury smartwatch in the fourth quarter. "We believe wearable technology will take off," said Michael Bell, vice president of Intel's new devices unit, at the Baselworld watch and jewellery fair. Intel has struck partnerships with consumer goods companies to develop smart wearable products. Meanwhile the Apple Watch goes on sale on April 24. It will be Apple first major new product in five years and demand for the device is under close scrutiny.
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  • Editor’s Picks / 19 March 2015 at 9:45 GMT

    Watch the anti-Apple watches

    With its Apple Watch, in the shops from April on, the US tech giant once more is expanding into a new product category. Will the new gadget be a threat to the traditional watchmakers as the likes of LVMH-owned Tag Heuer? Not so, according to managers of traditional watchmakers, which CNBC spoke to during the industry's trade show BaselWorld. Apple's new product simply lacks longevity, according to Jean-Claude Biver, head of LVMH's watch division (Tag Heuer, Bulgari, Hublot). It is not only the battery, but also the watch as such, that will not last long. In 1000 years or even only 80 years, nobody will be able to repair it. Also, you cannot inherit it to your kids, because the watch's technology will no longer work when they are grown up.
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  • 18 March
    fxtime fxtime
    LOL reveiwing my so called diverse portfolio I find that I only have one of the ones you suggest ....LSE !! Seems I better re-assess as I...
    18 March
    Good call last week about automakers ...
    Bmw and Daimler were at crazy inflated prices
  • Editor’s Picks / 16 March 2015 at 14:03 GMT

    Are US funds a bit too much into the big Apple?

    US technology giant Apple has long been a favourite of many investors with its stocks appreciating much faster relatively. Unless funds sold off their Apple shares, their importance for a portfolio has naturally increased. It seems therefore that some US investment funds have invested up to more than 10% of assets into Apple, going against their usual mantra of diversification. So far funds heavily engaged in Apple did better than those that have not, but things might change if the big Apple underperforms.
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