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  • Article / Yesterday at 11:00 GMT

    #TechWeek: Samsung, HTC and the elephant in the room

    Consulting Editor / Saxo Bank
    #TechWeek: Samsung, HTC and the elephant in the room
    The high-end smartphone market is one of the most hotly contested consumer spaces in the world, and in many ways it has been dominated by Apple since the iPhone was launched. With Samsung and HTC both having released new would-be "iPhone killers", we take a look at how likely they are to knock out the champ.
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    Michael S. McKenna Michael S. McKenna
    Of course, it is not just a question of Samsung and HTC vs. Apple as many Chinese mobile companies are now seeking their share of the pie...
  • Article / Yesterday at 6:34 GMT

    #TechWeek: Overseas expansion key for China’s smartphone players

    Portfolio Manager / Alcuin Asset Management
    The smartphone market in China is dominated by domestic low-cost manufacturers. But as the mobile user base reaches saturation, manufacturers will have to start looking to expand overseas. China's tech giants have also been focusing on their mobile strategy, with the development of their mobile ecosystems.
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  • Editor’s Picks / Yesterday at 5:05 GMT

    Apple leads Samsung in Q4 smartphone sales: Gartner

    Apple is now the world’s biggest smartphone maker in terms of worldwide sales according to a new estimate that puts its fourth-quarter figures ahead of rival Samsung’s numbers. Jack Linshi writes for Time that while Apple reported worldwide sales of 74.8 million smartphones during the fourth quarter of 2014, a report by research firm Gartner published Tuesday estimates Samsung sold 73 million units during the same period. If accurate – Samsung doesn’t report out its smartphone sales – that would mean Apple overtook Samsung as the world’s top smartphone maker by global sales for the first time since late 2011.
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  • Article / Tuesday at 3:01 GMT

    It may feel like 1999, but it's more like 1929

    Business writer and editor
    While equities are running up world-beating records, the bond markets tell us the world is in a serious funk – so something has to give. The market is partying like its 1999 and we all know what happened not long after that. Chasing the next yield is one thing, but it is ramping up markets when the economic evidence is pointing elsewhere.
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