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  • Squawk / Saturday at 18:11 GMT
    Where Apple stock price is Headed in the Next Years.....

    If apple breaks down $83 level, then we have real problems...if not so it's all open

    At the end of 2015, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) was one of the most popular stocks among the funds with 133 funds holding $17.72 billion worth of stock
    iPhone sales: 51.2 million, above average forecast of 50 million, but well short of 61.2 million sold in Q2 2015 while I phone are produce 68% from their profit’s

    From technical view and looking on apple charts we can see the main picture reflected: Apple stock price as long as price will stay over 83 levels its all open ……
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  • Trade view / Friday at 9:51 GMT
    Strategic trade

    Apple and the big fat line in the sand

    Trader /
    United States
    Shares of Apple (AAPL:xnas) dropped for a second day on Thursday after activist investor Carl Icahn said he had sold his stake. Although potentially oversold in the immediate term, the stock now looks primed to eventually cut below a crucial line of support. Active investors and traders could look to leg into strategic short positions in the stock or using options.
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  • Editor’s Picks / Friday at 0:53 GMT

    Billionaire Icahn exits Apple stake after three years

    Billionaire Carl Icahn, who first disclosed his stake in Apple almost three years ago, has sold out of his position because of concerns about the company’s relationship with China, the activist said on Thursday. “We no longer have a position in Apple,” Icahn told CNBC. Icahn sold most of his remaining stake in February, he said. “I got out because I’m worried about China.” Icahn perceives a risk in Apple’s relationship with China and that made his already profitable investment in the company no longer a “no-brainer”, he said. China shut down Apple’s iTunes Movies and iBooks services recently, showing that the company isn’t immune to the reach of Beijing regulators.
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  • 5d
    The first relevant gain in months. Well done!
    The next shoe to drop could be Daimler if Doj and Epa discover something wrong!
  • 5d
    fxtime fxtime
    Apple Pay looks to be great but Apple Music and Itunes is riddled with issues. Endless hacking of customer account balances non existent customer support, inefficient download...
    fxtime fxtime
    My mad bet would be that Apple will diversify more into payments by buying a Bank !
    John G Acher John G Acher
    Saxo Bank has now closed its Apple put with a gain of 150%. See Garnry's update here:
  • Article / Wednesday at 7:00 GMT

    Morning Markets: Apple disappointment reverberates across Asia

    Saxo Bank
    Morning Markets: Apple disappointment reverberates across Asia
    Japan's Nikkei index was hit by ripple effects from disappointing second-quarter results from US technology giant Apple, where iPhone sales dropped and topline and earnings figures missed analysts' expectations. Apple's poor results, reported after the US market closed on Tuesday, knocked shares in Japanese supplier companies on Wednesday. Shockingly weak CPI data from Australia hit the Aussie dollar.
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  • Editor’s Picks / Wednesday at 0:27 GMT

    Apple's shock result prompts 'peak iPhone' talk

    The Australian Financial Review
    Apple, the world's most valuable company, has reported a quarterly profit of $13.6bn, and it was nowhere near good enough. Not even close. Think about that. This quarterly profit (nearly double the annual profit by Australia's biggest company last year, the CBA), worked out to $1.90 per share, but it was weaker than Wall Street had expected ($2 per share). Apple stock tumbled by 8% in after hours trading. And the further you drill down into the result, the worse it looks. As many analysts predicted, iPhone shipments declined compared to a year ago, the first time that has happened since 2008. Cue lots of talk about "peak iPhone".
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