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  • Squawk / 05 September 2017 at 12:54 GMT
    Head of Commodity Strategy / Saxo Bank
    Last week it was cotton rallying strongly as heavy rain in the aftermath of Harvey exposed 25% of the U.S. crop. The next and potential even bigger challenge to cotton and now also orange juice will be later this week when Hurricane Irma is expected to reach Florida. Irma has been upgraded to a devastating Category 5 hurricane with maximum winds of 280 km/h winds.
    JP Morgan in a report today said that If Hurricane Irma makes landfall between Florida and North Carolina approximately 45% of the cotton crop, will have been exposed at a formative stage.
    Florida's orange juice production could also be negatively impacted and as result the November contract jumped 6% on the opening and reached a high of 144.8 cents/lb (Limit up today = 146.50 cents/lb). Hedge funds hold a near record short position of 4.200 lots versus a daily average volume of less than 1,000 lots in the front month contract.
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  • 3y
    vanita vanita
    Dear Steve,
    How you see dax and nasdaq indices.
    If I buy dax and sell nasdaq it's gud trade or I should sell dax and buy nasdaq which you...
    Stephen Pope Stephen Pope
    Dear Krunil48,

    Thank you for your support and question. There is a reserve of money that can be active or passive as I see fit.

    On occasions trade positions...
    Krunil48 Krunil48
    Thank you for your reply.
  • 3y
    Stefan Vegh Stefan Vegh
    UPDATE : The prices of november contract spiked to 218.25 last week so you could take some profit on the long calls. Now the whether may change...
  • 3y
    Philidor Philidor
    Thanks! I had the impression the numbers would me more on the plus side than neutral. Maybe I've been lucky with the ones I picked out of...
    Stephen Pope Stephen Pope
    In my defence I have shown average gain less average loss .

    I can recalculate absolute % (gain - loss) which would be more flattering.

    Send you that...
    Stephen Pope Stephen Pope
    Dear Philidor,

    I ran over the numbers in terms of total gains and losses as against averages and net average.

    The data now is far more encouraging...I think I...