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  • Article / Friday at 11:53 GMT

    Daily Shot: Deutsche Bang! Team / Saxo Bank
    Daily Shot: Deutsche Bang!
    Financial institutions in Europe are under pressure and Germany's biggest bank, Deutsche Bank, is in deeper trouble than most. Elsewhere, the strength in the EUR and weakness in the USD are important factors for many industries and markets. Rate hikes by major Central Banks as Federal Reserve and Bank of England become less and less likely.
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  • 2d
    Orgil Orgil
    Hello John Hardy. i have one question. If the NFPL data shows 200k+ jobs, will EURUSD can reach 1.1050
  • Editor’s Picks / Friday at 6:43 GMT

    Citi says we should all fear 'oilmageddon'

    Markets are currently in a well-oiled "death spiral," according to Citigroup analysts. "It appears that four inter-linked phenomena are driving a negative feedback loop in the global economy and across financial markets," the analysts write, citing the resilient USD, lower commodities prices, weaker trade and capital flows, and declining emerging market growth. "Another year of extreme moves in USD (higher) and oil/commodity prices (lower) would likely continue to drive this negative feedback loop and make it very difficult for policy makers in emerging markets and developing markets to fight disinflationary forces and intercept downside risks," the analysts add. "Corporate profits and equity markets would also likely suffer further downside risk in this scenario of Oilmageddon." The analysts cite four factors above, including the importance of lofty oil prices to the ready supply of petrodollars circulating in the world economy and flowing to financial assets.
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  • Article / Thursday at 22:51 GMT

    BoE governor Carney's caution sees sterling stumble

    Managing Partner / Spotlight Group
    United Kingdom
    The Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee has unanimously to keep interest rates on hold. BoE governor Mark Carney still expects the next rate move to be upwards, although when any rise would occur has vanished over the horizon. Meawhile markets are pricing in a UK rate cut – and Sterling is set to fall further as a result.
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    vanita vanita
    Dear Steve,
    Share your view on dax indices .
    As I m buyer so please suggest stoploss to minimise my position.
    And also resistance too.
    Take care.
    Stephen Pope Stephen Pope
    Buying equities today is for those with a strong stomach for risk. Currently all technicals are reading SELL on the Dax, but all others are...
    vanita vanita
    Thanks Steve.