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  • Calendar event / Yesterday at 20:30 GMT

    US API Weekly Statistical Bulletin

    Med Crude Stocks (Net Change)
    Med Gasoline Stocks (Net Change)
    Med Distillate Stocks (Net Change)
  • 8h
    Anar Babayev Anar Babayev
    gold sell t/p 1145( now 1155.51)
  • Squawk / Yesterday at 17:00 GMT
    Is it time to be long on WTI? looks like that...
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  • 13h
    rhodium rhodium
    Gold bottom at 1087-92 $ this week.....
  • Saxo TV / Yesterday at 12:19 GMT

    Greece and China - the double whammy hitting markets

    Ole Hansen
    If you missed today's Saxo TV live broadcast from the trading floor at Saxo Bank then here's a chance to catch up with Ken Veksler Director at Acumen Management , Saxo Bank's Head of Commodity Strategy and Mads Koefoed, Head of Macro Strategy as they discuss the Greek crisis, China and contagion.
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 10:46 GMT
    research analysis in intrady and short term strategy in xau/usd and xag/usd / WWW.MCXMASTER.IN
    Intraday tip of the day in xau and

    Again buy xau and xag at cmp $1164.50-62 range and $15.57-50 range
    keep sl $1155+$15.30

    and tgt1 $1178+$15.85
    and tgt2 $1182+$
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    rhodium rhodium
    Gold bottom at 1087-92 $ this week.....
  • Article / Yesterday at 10:23 GMT

    Commodities stabilising after heavy losses

    Head of Commodity Strategy / Saxo Bank
    Commodities stabilising after heavy losses
    Commodities have seen some aggressive selling these past couple of days. The combination of market confidence being rattled by the Greek crisis and more importantly, renewed worries about Chinese growth following the bursting of its equity bubble, has had a major negative impact on growth-dependent commodities such as oil and metals.
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    Ole Hansen Ole Hansen
    The commodity recovery has stalled with the dollar moving higher as nervousness rise ahead of the Eurozone summit as no new Greek proposal has been put on...