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  • 7h
    Hisham Boulos Hisham Boulos
    Hi Mike, I don't believe oil prices is free market based on supply and demand .. it is manipulated market based on political agendas .. have a...
    fxtime fxtime
    Perhaps Hisham it is best to regard supply/demand theorem for oil as a free market but only as free as the mainstream fx markets. Liquidity (and market...
    Michael O'Neill Michael O'Neill
    Fx time, I think you nailed it.
  • 20h
    SierraPt. SierraPt.
    Stephen, thank you for the idea! how are your short positions in coffee and juice faring now?
    Stephen Pope Stephen Pope
    Not so good on those may get stopped out so I have to review it and see if take the hit or double up. ...
    SierraPt. SierraPt.
    My coffee closed with largest losses per 1 trade ( c'est la vie
    have a good weekend as well!
  • Article / Yesterday at 14:30 GMT

    WCU: Commodities soaring with Fed doves

    Head of Commodity Strategy / Saxo Bank
    WCU: Commodities soaring with Fed doves
    The weaker than expected September nonfarm payrolls report has kicked of a chain reaction across global markets as EM currencies, stocks and bonds rally on the hope of a continually dovish Fed. This in turn helped boost commodity prices, not least oil where robust demand remains the key to re-balancing the market
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    ozy ozy
    Oil looks get support from weaker dollar after nonfarm payrolls report and fomc minutes yesterday evening. But the reason fed looks dovish is because of global economic...
    Ekwueme Mike Anyadibe Ekwueme Mike Anyadibe
    I am interested your gold analysis. We use 'new gold' etf on the Nigerian stock exchange as a form of hedge (using the opposite movement of...
  • Article / Yesterday at 12:17 GMT

    Can nothing perk up coffee?

    Chief Investment Officer / ACIES Asset Management
    The coffee market, remarkably, has been mostly in bearish mode for twenty years. Yes, there have been some brief interludes of caffeine fueled rallies, but they've all ended spilled all over the floor. So what's going on here? How can a commodity spend two decades falling?
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  • Trade view / Yesterday at 11:46 GMT
    Short term

    A bear market until the cows come home

    Chief Investment Officer / ACIES Asset Management
    When cattle are in the middle of a stampede, it's rarely a good idea to stand in the way. This stampede, however, looks overdone and the critters are likely to turn right back where they came from.
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    Rodrigues Rodrigues
    Thanks for your always brilliant trend following views.
  • 1d
    TLtrader TLtrader
    A scary finding in various index, both in the United States, Europe, Japan and China.
    On a monthly basis the MACD signal line sales as well as the...
    Jim Earls Jim Earls
    Thanks TLtrader-interesting.
  • 18h
    fxtime fxtime
    I didn't realise how much health and education receive in comparison to Defence and Security enforcement....MacMillan in the UK used to compare these areas as a rule...
    Nadia Kazakova Nadia Kazakova
    I also think the current low spending on education/health stores much trouble for the future, and shows a lack of strategic vision.