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  • Calendar event / 5 hours ago

    US U.S. Weekly Export Sales

    Low Corn (Metric Tons)
    Low Soybeans (Metric Tons)
    Low Wheat (Metric Tons)
  • Trade view / 7 hours ago
    Short term

    Gold primed for further losses

    Director / First4Trading
    United Kingdom
    After the spectacular selloff in gold, we expect further losses to follow shortly. We have bearish flag formations on both the hourly and daily chart, which look likely to be a forerunner for further losses. On an intraday basis we are also setting shorts at current levels, so all timeframes looking bleak!
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    rhodium rhodium
    Sell below 1075 for 1052 with stop around 1090 $/ oz.....GTC..
    rhodium rhodium
    sell XAUUSD @ 1095-98 with Stop above 1103 for 1080 $........
  • Trade view / 8 hours ago
    Short term

    Will rice follow its peers lower?

    Chief Investment Officer / ACIES Asset Management
    Although rough rice has been in a massive bear market trend for years, it has had a strong showing in the past couple of months. Is this divergence a sign of a new period of strength for rice?
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    grisa grisa
    worst trade ever! (so far)
  • Squawk / 10 hours ago
    Head of Macro Strategy / Saxo Bank
    German unemployment climbs in July:

    The euro area's largest economy saw an unexpected increase in its unemployment this month. This comes on the back of an upward revision to June, meaning that unemployment rose by 1,000 last month rather than declined by 1,000. This is the first time in a year that Germany has seen two consecutive months of rising unemployment.

    Still, the unemployment claims rate is unchanged at 6.4% as expected and employment - which is lagged by one month - rose by 10,000 in June and is up 33,000 so far this year. Last year employment climbed by no less than 390,000.
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  • Squawk / 10 hours ago
    Head of Macro Strategy / Saxo Bank
    Spanish economy booms!

    The Spanish economy recorded an increase in activity of no less than 1% q/q in the second quarter - in line with expectations - following a similarly impressive 0.9% increase in Q1. This implies that the economic activity is up 3.9% on an annualised basis in the first half of 2015 and 3.1% y/y.

    We have long had a favourable view on the Spanish economy and we continue to do so when looking ahead. The reforms are starting to work, including the labour market reform(s), and the housing market appears to have bottomed in late 2014. We look for full-year growth of 3% and we could even see a surprise to the upside.
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