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  • Squawk / 3 hours ago
    In reference to last squawk we have a time hurdle here in XAUUSD. It might just blow past this but high alert here since we have since a couple of weeks pin-pointed this particular date. We have been looking for a certain price level as well around 1260 and we arrant there. A spike up to this level tomorrow before a reversal would be ominous! Not saying it's gonna peak, just to be weary...if it goes past I'll come up with a new date!
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    fxtime fxtime
    Johan you have a great knack of highlighting areas of true interest that most of us fail to compute (in my case due to inability) but great...
    Johan Berntorp Johan Berntorp
    It is a spreadsheet full of numbers and a lot of practice. Thank you very much for the inspiring commentary!
  • Article / 8 hours ago

    Two charts that say Brent could head to $70/b

    Technical Analyst / FuturesTechs
    United Kingdom
    Both Brent and WTI have been unable to break resistance out of tight ranges despite the Opec deal struck on November 30 and a so far admirable degree of discipline in pushing through production cuts. But, two charts indicate Brent is ready to make a move and that could see the European benchmark head to at least $70/b.
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    Morris Morris
    Looks very choppy after fibs 61.8%. But 61.8% of which wave??? I agree with the fact that we can see levels $65 to $88 in the...
  • 7h
    John Roberti John Roberti
    Dear Ole, Thank you very much for your article as well as the two articles recommended: they give a very well informed picture of the risks currently...
    Morris Morris
    The shorts are at the all time low and the longs are at all time high on oil!!! Kennedy @ Elliott's wave talks about triagles and the...
  • Squawk / 9 hours ago
    intraday and holding research analysis in commodities and currencies..... / WWW.MCXMASTER.IN
    Before us open..........

    sell crude 54.99-55.15 range and keep sl????

    and tgt1 53.70
    and tgt2 this week
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  • 9h
    Alan M Alan M
    Hey Kim, hope your having a great afternoon. This is a little off topic, but do you have any opinion on Natural Gas at this level. So...
    Ole Hansen Ole Hansen
    Hi Alan. The US is running out of winter and with that the ability to reduce inventory levels. With US shale oil production expected to pick up...
    Alan M Alan M
    Thank you very much Ole, will be watching this very closing over the next few days
  • Squawk / 14 hours ago
    Head of Commodity Strategy / Saxo Bank
    Gold and silver once again being challenged by a stronger dollar. EURUSD is moving towards the recent low at €1.0525 which led gold to test support at $1220/oz last week. So far it is holding above $1230 with XAUEUR trading at the highest since November 10.
    The recent correlation breakdown between gold and dollar is driven by underlying demand from investors seeking protection from political and economic uncertainties on both sides of the Atlantic.
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    Morris Morris
    What is a strategic implication of your squawk Ole?
    Ole Hansen Ole Hansen
    That we maintain a positive bias on gold
    Morris Morris
    Thanks Ole. What do you suggest is the duration of this bias?