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  • Squawk / 57 minutes ago
    Technical Analyst in Financial Market / commoditymarket2008 Advisory Services
    Spot Gold Trading View: after my view made new high 1205.80, now 1st target almost hit 1195 and recent low 1195.85, safe traders book profit and rest wait for 1188...
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  • Calendar event / 1 hour ago
    High Crude Oil Stocks, Net Chg (Bbl)
    High Gasoline Stocks, Net Chg (Bbl)
    High Distillate Stocks, Net Chg (Bbl)
    Med Crude Oil Stocks (Bbl)
    Med Gasoline Stocks (Bbl)
    Med Distillate Stocks (Bbl)
    Med Total Prod Supplied (Bbl/day)
    Med Total Prod Supplied, Net Chg (Bbl/day)
    Med Refinery Usage
  • Squawk / 1 hour ago
    Head of Commodity Strategy / Saxo Bank
    NatGas stockpiles dropped by 243 bcf last week to 2,917 bcf and is now 430 bcf below prior-year level and 77 bcf below the 5-yr average. This was slightly more than expected with NGG7 rising 1%. At this stage of the US winter stocks are drawing down faster than last winter on raised demand for heating. It is helping to tighten the supply/demand outlook.
    Next up at 16GMT the EIA Petroleum Status report. Updates will be posted below
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    Ole Hansen Ole Hansen
    US inventories rose by more than expected last week. This despite a 674k b/d slowdown in imports. Production was flat while movements in products helped offset...
    Ole Hansen Ole Hansen
  • 5h
    Ole Hansen Ole Hansen
    Reuters update on Libya: Reopened Libyan oil ports hope foreign staff will return to boost output
  • 3h
    Steve O'Hare - First 4 Trading Steve O'Hare - First 4 Trading
    A couple of opposing scenarios on the longer term outlook with the start of wave 3 if $15.60 remains unbreached or to counter that, a head and...
    Steve O'Hare - First 4 Trading Steve O'Hare - First 4 Trading
    Meant to say potential Head & Shoulder!
    Morris Morris
    Sorry Steve I did not mention that I was referring to your three scenario chart not the silver one. But nonetheless great interpretation. I must say the...
  • Article / 9 hours ago

    Morning Markets: Yellen the 'hawk' reinvigorates dollar

    Managing editor, / Saxo Bank
    Morning Markets: Yellen the 'hawk' reinvigorates dollar
    It was a welcome return to fundamentals overnight after a puffed-up Janet Yellen signalled an earlier rate rise than expected on the back of a 2.1% rise in inflation in December. The pervasive influence of politics will soon reassert itself nevertheless as we build into Friday's big show in Washington D.C.
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  • Squawk / 10 hours ago
    Partner at 3 C ANALYSIS / 3cAnalysis
    United Kingdom
    Mar Bunds - Negative move through average
    Steady selling pressure throughout Wednesday This confirmed the importance of Tuesday’s powerful upside rejection, with the downside extending through the 13 day mvg avg. That point is still only a pivot level rather than a trend definer, so immediate signals for sentiment still cannot be strong. But although intraday studies are overstretched we look for intraday rallies to prove limited.
    A reactive bounce should find sellers near 163.35 and there is downside potential to 162.70 or even 162.47. Only above 163.60 is bullish.
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    AlanCollins AlanCollins
    162.70 target met. Intraday risk now at today's peak