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  • Article / 2 hours ago

    US dollar sinking as rate support slips away

    Managing Director / Technical Research Limited
    New Zealand
    US dollar sinking as rate support slips away
    Don’t blame us for market turmoil said Federal Open Market Committee chair Janet Yellen in an appearance before Congress on Thursday. This reflects a far more dangerous aspect of what’s going on: the markets are losing confidence in the ability of central banks to stay on top of things.
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  • 4h
    John Shaw John  Shaw
    Absolutely astonished with oil crashing that USDCAD has held steady, I would have thought we would be back at 1.45. or WORSE !!
    WTF is that...
    Michael O'Neill Michael O'Neill
    That is about no liquidity and skittish traders responding to rumours. it's like the market is a bunch of kids sitting around a camp-fire, telling ghost...
  • Trade view / Yesterday at 15:11 GMT
    Medium term

    Gold benefits from equity slide

    Director / First4Trading
    United Kingdom
    The up move in gold has accelerated aggressively over the last couple of days. The global economic outlook shows no sign of improving and the safe haven attraction of gold has catapulted prices through strong resistance levels.
    The significant break of resistance may be over done but now offers good support and reason to buy on a pull-back.
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  • Squawk / Yesterday at 13:46 GMT
    Technical Analyst / FuturesTechs
    United Kingdom
    Gold has had a stellar day so far, and a stellar week, in fact a stellar month! We have been bullish since it broke above 1114-16 however I may temper this for now as we've hit the 1233 high from last May and the RSI is reading 86. The last time we had an RSI reading as high as this was September 2011.... when it topped out at $1950...
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  • 12h
    Stephen Pope Stephen Pope
    There may be potential for quick fire day trading as SPX cash has just fallen more than futures...but it will require nerves of steel has to...
    Neil D Neil D
    No I think you're right on that requires toooooo much screen watching!!
    Neil D Neil D
    Its also about time there is a FTSE 250 or 350 futures contract, now that the 100 index is less diversified
  • Editor’s Picks / Yesterday at 13:42 GMT

    Oil traders look to floating storage as onshore tanks fill

    The world is so awash with crude, the boss of BP said people will be filling their “swimming pools” with it by the end of the year, writes Bloomberg's Javier Blas. While the company’s CEO Bob Dudley bemoaned this bearish outlook for oil, traders were eyeing a potentially profitable opportunity: turning supertankers into temporary floating storage facilities. Chris Bake, a senior executive at Vitol, the world’s largest independent oil trader, gave the clearest indication yet this week that traders are considering the same strategy again. “Primary and secondary storage is pretty much full,” Bake said. “It’s probably a good time to be a vessel owner.”
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