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  • 1h
    Shazi Shazi
    Thanks michael o' Neill
    Shazi Shazi
    Thursday & friday euro usd down side
    fxtime fxtime
    Draghi may deliver on his promises but rarely in a timely manner.....usually we see a lot of jawboning the market down and dithering first.
  • Squawk / 4 hours ago
    research analysis in intrady and short term strategy in xau/usd and xag/usd / WWW.MCXMASTER.IN
    expectation of again profit book in xau and xag

    buy xau and xag at cmp $1065-62 and $15.060-040 range and keep sl $1055+$14.80

    tgt1 $1079+$15.310
    tgt2 $1084+$
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  • Article / 6 hours ago

    Options market reflects Opec uncertainty

    Head of Commodity Strategy / Saxo Bank
    Crude oil remains range-bound ahead of the Opec meeting this Friday. Although the consensus is pointing towards a 'no change in strategy' the options market has nevertheless seen increased activity. Speculative traders have been buying calls to protect a record short futures positions while others use options as an alternative way to express a view ahead of the meeting.
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  • Squawk / 6 hours ago
    Technical Analsyt / commoditymarket2008 Advisory Services
    WTI Crude Oil: 1st target almost hit 41.00 & recent low 41.24, safe traders book profit & rest modify your stop loss above 42.30 & wait for 39.80
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    Felix999 Felix999
    nice play
  • Article / 7 hours ago

    Gold bounces on short covering ahead of the 'hike'

    Head of Commodity Strategy / Saxo Bank
    Gold is trading higher for a second day as speculative short positioning and weak ETP holdings are indications of a US rate hike being all but priced in. The ECB meeting Thursday and US job report Friday are the next events to watch given the potential impact on the dollar.
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  • Article / 9 hours ago

    Daily Shot: Discounted CNH tells China to devalue Team / Saxo Bank
    Daily Shot: Discounted CNH tells China to devalue
    Economic indicators from China keep painting a dismal picture, and commodities markets reflect persistently weak demand from Chinese industry and construction. The offshore yuan is trading at a discount again in spite of People's Bank of China's intervention. That means the market is telling China to devalue.
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  • Editor’s Picks / 9 hours ago

    Hedge funds betting on bearish blow from Opec

    A year ago, Saudi Arabia led the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries in keeping production quotas steady, exacerbating a global glut and sending prices tumbling. Analysts surveyed by Bloomberg expect a repeat this year when the group meets on December 4 in Vienna, Bloomberg's Asjylyn Loder Mark Shenk report. Iran has said it will announce plans during the meeting to expand its output.
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