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  • 5h
    John Roberti John Roberti
    Which WTI chart are you looking at: Continuous, future october or future november they do not have the same values to consider your critical level of 43,60....
    bvlaerhoven bvlaerhoven
    Hi John, i'm looking at the continuous chart (CLc1). There is something to say for each level (44.00 - 43.80 - 43.60). The most important...
  • Calendar event / 7 hours ago
    High Crude Oil Stocks, Net Chg (Bbl)
    High Gasoline Stocks, Net Chg (Bbl)
    High Distillate Stocks, Net Chg (Bbl)
    Med Gasoline Stocks (Bbl)
    Med Crude Oil Stocks (Bbl)
    Med Distillate Stocks (Bbl)
    Med Refinery Usage
    Med Total Prod Supplied (Bbl/day)
    Med Total Prod Supplied, Net Chg (Bbl/day)
  • 7h
    ozy ozy
    WTI looks like to test again under 40
    Ole Hansen Ole Hansen
    Crude inventories up by 4.7 mm bbl, Gasoline falls by less while refinery activity slows more than expected. Overall a price negative report somewhat off-set by...
  • Article / 7 hours ago

    Steen's Chronicle: The old and the new economic order

    Chief Economist & CIO / Saxo Bank
    Steen's Chronicle: The old and the new economic order
    The current fiat economy whereby manufactured money is pumped into a world blighted by higher costs and lower output is totally unsustainable. Saxo Bank's Steen Jakobsen has devised a new economic model and says the way forward is to adjust to slower growth and get back to the basics of producing goods and services that add value.
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  • Article / 10 hours ago

    Rosneft's earnings winner not quite as it seems

    Russia oil and gas expert
    United Kingdom
    Rosneft's earnings winner not quite as it seems
    Russian oil group Rosneft managed to keep prices up and costs down in the second quarter, beating market expectations for its earnings. As oil prices slide and the rouble weakens, the second half of this year and 2016 might prove more of an uphill struggle, especially as the company faces hefty debt repayments.
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