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  • 22 September
    Clive Lambert - FuturesTechs Clive Lambert - FuturesTechs
    123.81 was Wednesday's low. We gapped lower yesterday and this stayed above all day yesterday, but we were called higher this morning and could/should have opened above...
    22 September
    ChristianK ChristianK
    So still waiting on the sideline - ?
    26 September
    Clive Lambert - FuturesTechs Clive Lambert - FuturesTechs
    "Back from the brink" for now on this one. We could now se a recovery to 124.65-68 which looks like a big area.. Here is my report...
  • Squawk / 14 March 2017 at 12:01 GMT
    Technical Analyst / FuturesTechs
    United Kingdom
    US T-Notes are looking weak according to the chart, set to retest the low from mid December and beyond!

    The last couple of months have been some sort of “Flag” and the bottom of said Flag is at 123.13-15. We broke this last week and have since been back to here and failed "on the retest".

    So the bears are looking prime for a retest of 121.285 AT THE VERY LEAST. Below here 119.28, 116.19 and 115.24 are “bigger picture” targets.

    Bunds have been selling off too and look set to head to 158.06 then 157.06.

    In the UK the Gilt Future has been far more resilient but if that broke 125.13-20 we would be signalled for more downside.
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    16 March
    Clive Lambert - FuturesTechs Clive Lambert - FuturesTechs
    Hi Simo, How the rest of today pans out is key. As of right now we've given back a good chunk of yesterday's gains, all after failing...
    16 March
    simo simo
    Many Thanks Clive Lambert For This Brilliant analysis
    16 March
    achu achu
    what do you think after yesterdays bullishness on UST?? retest 123.285 again?
  • 1y
    Clive Lambert - FuturesTechs Clive Lambert - FuturesTechs
    I've been stopped out... We gapped higher this morning and have kept going. The next resistance levels to watch (to see if sellers return!) are 125.87, 126.45...
  • 1y
    BertHH BertHH
    Yes Clive thank you so I move my stop above this new level---cause I believe in the following donside potential as you mentioned.
    Clive Lambert - FuturesTechs Clive Lambert - FuturesTechs
    UPDATE: Bund Futures have sold off sharply in the last 24 hours, in line with everything I said above. We have filled the "Brexit day" gap at...
    Clive Lambert - FuturesTechs Clive Lambert - FuturesTechs
    Gilt Futures have broken below 125.30 and we're now in the Brexit gap, the bottom of which is 123.21. We are getting close to the 124.35-55 area...
  • Squawk / 18 August 2016 at 6:22 GMT
    Partner at 3 C ANALYSIS / 3cAnalysis
    United Kingdom
    Sep Gilts - Bounce from key average targets 132.97
    Trading was volatile in Gilts yesterday. Initial downside confirmed our negative view but selling pressure stalled, and reversed, near the 13 day mvg avg. The subsequent highs of the day were also not maintained and so prices closed for only minor net gains. But it is the downside rejection of the avg, coupled with a gradually rising Keltner channel that confirms our technical studies as mildly positive.
    Setbacks should attract buyers near 132.27, potential on the upside today to 132.83/97 and only below 132.04 is assessed as negative in the short term.
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